Reflections on 30 years of RVIPW – A series of interviews with Artists, Audience and Organisers

Just one week to go until RVIPW’s 30th Anniversary – a round-up of all our latest news and the extras that you can look forward to this year!

Leon McCawley reminisces about his last visit to RVIPW in the early 90s and how intimate venues such as ours help him to communicate with the audience

“There is an extraordinary dynamic between the acting and the music – they feed off each other…I hope everybody is both uplifted by the music and emotionally drained by the story” – actor Tim McInnerny’s profound insights into Lucy Parham’s work; an extra treat at the end of her fascinating Q&A

Audience Member, Anne Stott, shares her impressions of RVIPW and why she decided to make a 180 mile round trip to visit us!

Richard Uttley on the differences between playing in  small venues like ours and big Chinese halls seating 1000s

A Q&A from Anthony Hewitt, whose own festival in South Cumbria, Ulverston Music Festival, starts on 7th June

Alessandro played an evening recital for us in 2014, and tells us here that RVIPW “has an international reputation and relevance”  

Yundu Wang played for us last summer, in one of our lunchtime concerts. She says – “a good concert programme is like a well-balanced meal”

Alexandra Dariescu – on how RVIPW lets people into her world and “feels like a celebration”

Exciting developments behind the scenes in our April news & piano technician Marianne Bailey shares why RVIPW is so important to her