If you would like to be REGISTER with us and have your details added to our email mailing list to be sent occasional information about our concerts and performers (or have any questions) please send us a message via the “Contact us” page by CLICKING HERE



Regulations surrounding Data Protection are changing, as of May 2018 and we want you to be absolutely confident that we will look after your data.

In order to be certain that we comply with the new rules (you may have heard these referred to as “GDPR”), we have conducted a “Legitimate Interests Assessment” (LIA) and a “Balancing Test” which we can provide if requested. (These are the things we had to consider to ensure that we don’t need to ask everyone on our existing mailing list to re-register with us).  Below we outline very clearly what we use your data for, and give instructions about what to do if you wish to stop receiving communications from us.

We only use data in ways our audience members would reasonably expect, we are not using your data in ways you would find intrusive or harmful in any way, and we’ve considered safeguards. We have appointed a Data Protection Officer, and we have taken measures to ensure that anyone in our organisation involved in Data Collection or Analysis has received instruction about Data Protection and the changes to the law.

We never share people’s data with third parties.

If you already receive emails and postal communication from us, EITHER you have specifically opted in to electronic mail from us already, OR as an existing audience-member, you have bought tickets from us in the past, and we give you a clear way to opt out in every message you have been sent. In order to continue to receive communications you don’t need to do anything.

If you don’t already receive newsletters, mailshots and emails from us and would like to, please contact our Data Protection Officer, Roger Darling at and he will register your details along with the fact that you have opted in.

If you would like to stop receiving emails and postal communications from us, please also contact Roger at the above email and he will remove your details from our system.

We use your data –

  • To process ticket purchases, using email and post to send tickets bought online/by phone.
  • To send information about our own events and activities
  • To analyse audience responses to our events and activities.
  • To send email communications in the form of newsletters.

The benefits for us are –

  • To have a simple means of keeping audience members informed of our events and activities
  • Improvements to the handling of ticket purchases
  • To learn what types of events and activities are popular and what types of promotion are effective.

Wider public benefits –

  • Informing people of our charitable endeavours
  • Our charitable endeavours are important for the development of young artists and the involvement/attendance of young aspiring musicians and for the beneficiaries of our collaboration with St Catherine’s Hospice.

The impact if we were unable to use personal data in this way –

  • This would be significantly detrimental to our ability to function as we would not have means of 1.communicating with our existing audience, 2. learning what types of events and activities to promote, or 3.processing ticket purchases.

We make certain that our use of data is not unethical or unlawful in any way.

We do not hold or ask for data which is particularly sensitive or private.

We explain this simply and clearly in our newsletters and privacy policy, available by email at

The option to unsubscribe is mentioned clearly on all email communications, on our website and in our privacy policy.