Announcement – postponement of RVIPW July 2021

We have just received the most unwelcome news – that our hard-worked-for Arts Council England funding bid has been rejected.

Prior to this blow, two weeks ago we had word from Westholme Theatre that they were cancelling our booking for July 2021 due to building works at the school – all public hires are cancelled with immediate effect for the rest of the year. That in itself was not entirely insurmountable and we had spent a frantic fortnight finding an alternative venue, which we had just about managed to do.

Then at the end of last week came the news that our ACE funding bid had been rejected. Our ambition to bring recordings of our concerts, recorded live with an audience, to Care homes, Health Workers and our supporters who may be unable to attend in person free of charge was not considered eligible for a grant.

Given the uncertainty surrounding audiences returning and social distancing requirements still being in place and the unknown factor of how many would buy tickets for a different venue we were really depending on this ACE funding to ensure that we didn’t make a huge loss this year, so the rejection of that application was the final blow – in order to be sure of having enough funds of our own left at all, we have no choice but to postpone until 2022. This is a massive blow as we had been so hopeful of being one of the first festivals to be up-and-running this summer and had put in such a lot of hard work to make it happen if we could – sadly, in the end, it just wasn’t viable.

However – undaunted we will start planning for the next festival, 13th – 16th July 2022 – by which time we will hopefully be back at the usual venue. All performers who we had booked (Benjamin Grosvenor, Steven Osborne, Lauren Zhang, The Martin Roscoe Trio, Scott Brothers and students) have already been re-invited.As we have little to offer this year we are holding Friends and Supporter’s details and will ask for your support next year, but for this year we won’t be asking for your subscriptions.

However, on the bright side we do hope you are looking forward to Martin Roscoe’s free livestreamed concert on 23rd May at 6pm, in association with our friends at Ulverston Music Festival! Click on the link here  to join in. It will only be available on that date and time – there will be no recording – so it’s as near as possible to an actual live performance.

Unfortunately this will be the only event we are able to hold in 2021, so please do tune in and enjoy meeting with us for this one occasion – and if you feel able to, please consider donating on our website – here – to support this concert and to help secure our return in 2022 – when we look forward to welcoming you back in person.

October 23rd 2020 cancellation

Once again, with heavy hearts we have had no choice but to cancel our plans to invite Tasmin Little and Martin Roscoe, and Victor Braojos to play for us in a one day event on 23rd October.

We look forward very much to welcoming you to our next live event – which we hope will be in 2021. We have already asked Victor to join us during what we plan to be the main festival dates, 14th – 17th July 2021, but sadly as Tasmin is retiring soon she will not be able to join us.

This is a very sad blow both for us and for Tasmin who has had to endure a series of cancellations in what should have been her triumphant and celebratory final year of playing on the concert platform.

We’ve decided, given the circumstances, to offer Tasmin a cancellation fee but we’d welcome any donations towards that if you feel able. Tasmin’s playing has given us and our audiences so much pleasure over the years.

Of course we know that you will be being bombarded by requests for financial support from arts organisations of all shapes and sizes – so many venues are in serious trouble however big or small – and that personal finances are in many cases under severe pressure at the moment, so we want to close by assuring you that it is your loyalty which is of paramount importance to us as we wait, patiently, until we have the pleasure of being able to welcome you back to what will hopefully be our next LIVE event, in 2021.

Please note that with great sadness, we have taken the difficult and unavoidable decision to postpone ALL events scheduled between 15th – 18th July 2020. The majority will be rescheduled to take place between 14th – 17th July 2021, and – hopefully – October 23rd 2020.  Details to be announced. This postponement is due to the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting social distancing guidelines which will make gatherings for events like ours impossible in the short term. We are incredibly grateful to all those who have sent so many lovely messages of support and some truly generous donations in recent days. This demonstrates to us just how valued and cherished RVIPW is to so many of you and we are working hard to be able to continue. However our resources have been hugely depleted by this year’s cancellation – so we are giving you the opportunity to donate to us if you would like to below. We are a non-profit making charity so all offers of help are most gratefully received. Thank you and we hope to be able to see you on October 23rd for a celebration of being able to savour the experience of live music together with you, the RVIPW community once again.



Please donate to RVIPW to support our work and for the recordings and interviews that we will be posting to give you some cheer during these difficult times.

Special Instructions to RVIPW


Welcome to the Ribble Valley International Piano Week website. We hope you’ll enjoy reading through the pages and finding out a bit about us.

Since we started in 1987, we have had some stunning performances by a wide range of internationally renowned artists of the calibre widely accessible in major city venues but rarely heard in such intimate surroundings as The Croston Theatre.

Our fabulous venue is set at the edge of the glorious countryside of the Ribble Valley. We’ve been here since 2011 and for many it is the ideal venue. The Croston Theatre is intimate, with a great view of the stage from most seats, has good acoustics and is really easy to find, with plenty of free car parking onsite. We want everyone who would like to come to be able to get here, so If you have a spare seat in your car, or find yourself unable to drive here please sign up for our new car share scheme,  where you can register your details and we will do our utmost to match up empty seats with people needing transport to get here.

In 2017 we conducted our first audience survey for some time which revealed that for many people our festival is the highlight of their musical year – RVIPW is an event which audiences feel strong emotional attachment to and this year we will be working hard to encourage young people to join us, carrying the concert-going tradition forward to the next generation of music lovers

Do take time to register to join our mailing list so we can send you our latest news. We have a range of supporter packages so that should you wish to become more closely involved with us, you can join and help to secure our future. Organised by passionate volunteers, we are proud of both the professionalism and friendliness of the occasion and we look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful festival.